Fan Mail!

From time to time, and around the world, Revolution kite owners email us all kinds of great stories and tell us about their love of the kites. Here’s some of those stories! Want to share your story? Email us!

David Harutunian

I’ve had all kinds of kites Deltas, had a diamond 5 stack, a flex foil, a low wind delta and I haven’t flown in twenty years . When I pulled them out recently every kite either had problems splintered spars or parts that just withered away except for the Rev one. This kite is thirty years old and looks the same as the day I bought it. What an incredible kite and what an incredible company. Not to mention their customer service and club 38. When the inventor of the kite sends you tips on how to fly thirty years after you purchased their product you know how passionate they are about their product. I’m hoping to buy a new kite but I can’t seem to break this one. Thirty to forty mph gusts on a thirty year old kite and it stands up like a champ. Thank you Revolution Kites I’m back flying like I was a kid again!

Lisa Willoughby, Surf City, NJ

Talking about her recent trip to Berck, France. “ … there is no language barrier when flying Revs”.

Scott Benz, Jacksonville, FL

“Thanks for Revolution kites.  I love flying them.  Made a big change in life for me… cheaper than any therapy.  Keeps me physical and healthy, and I meet great people along the way.  Keep ‘um coming!”

Chris Babb, Aurora, IL

A quote about the EXP

“… in the hands of a master, it is pure emotion.  In the hands of a novice, pure exhilaration.”

Frankie, Australia

I had an accident 13 years ago. I was in a coma for a month.  In the hospital for 6 months.  Had to learn to walk and talk again like a child at age 28.

I have an acquired traumatic brain injury.  I have many hidden disabilities like balance, fine motor skills, concentration, multi-tasking, etc.

I fly a Revolution kite as a means of therapy for my problems.  It has helped me both mentally and physically.  Thanks.

Mark Lummas, Team Too Much Fun

Regarding the New York Minute Rev

“With the release of the NYMinute, Rev has again hit  a home run.  This is one of the smoothest flying kites I have experienced…”

Blazer, Maryland

Regarding The Blast :

“The Blast is the only wing I own that is both fun and challenging to fly in a wind range from 5 to 17 knots.  The Blast teaches me something new almost every time I fly it…”


I have experienced similar feelings. Life is extremely stressful for me right now. I feel all that stress roll right off my back as soon as I hit the beach, get a kite in the air and put the ear buds in and start to jam! Huge stress reliever for me and glad you enjoy it too! Truly more than just flying a kite….. It makes my mind smile and is rejuvenating.

Sharon, Alaskiters

I have learned to fly Revolution kites through the patience and help from Alaskiters kite group. It has helped me overcome limitations physically, mentally and improved my overall life. Yes, just from flying a kite! I say this to encourage others to try kiting.

Donnie and Debbie, Nevada

Although I had been flying a Revolution for years, I never took to the internet or bothered to seek instructions…until I met Lolly and Joe.  I mean heck, how hard could it be.  Just launch that sucker and get it a spinning.  Now, with the aid of the Revolution team and family, I’m beginning to turn “controlling the chaos” into a masterful and meaningful flight experience.  They also focused their attention towards my wife who now flies by my side.  Well, there goes my best kite pick-er-up-er and launcher!  Our lines are now held high TOGETHER thanks to Club 38!


Dennis, Alabama

I will check into club 38 as I work back into minimizing my kit setup hassle and increasing my flight enjoyment.  I am a 66 year old retired Military helicopter pilot with 26 years military and 7 years EMS flying.  You will be interested to know that I tell anyone interested in the Revolution that it requires about the same skill set as piloting a helicopter.  For me it took about 7 hrs of initial helicopter training in order to reach the beginning of automatic response which then opened the window  to progressively master the art of flight.  Some things required to fly the Rev have to just “happen” without thought; you become “one” with the kite, which is exactly how the helicopter works;  you and the aircraft have to become “one”.  Neat.


I moved to Shanghai a year ago now and was sure about finding space to Fly over here knowing that Shanghai is an overly large 27 millions people city so I first didn’t that my rev with me. Bad move after a few cycle ride along the river I discovered a small spot with already a rev flier on it. I got in touch with rev Usa to order a new kite and now i am flying among friend on pretty small line (16 m : almost the length of the patch of grass I can fly on). Kite is a universal language as only after a few weeks we were managing to understand each other (he speak Chinese and me english !) just by signing and waving. Now there are 4 of us sharing our little patch of happiness on sundays. Thanks to the rev kite to Unite Nations!


Spider Web in the wild! So much fun, what an amazing Kite! 15 Mph winds on average an gusting to 24 today. Handled it all and wanted more. Love the frame selection and end cap set up. Want so much more time on this one!

Wolfgang, Germany

Keep forward with this excellent development for all quadline kite flyer. Revolution is not only a kite it’s a passion.


When I fly, I lose my sense of time. The mind clears of EVERYTHING but the kite and the wind, for hours. Complete and total serenity. Tried many activities to find that kind of piece of mind in my almost 50 years and I finally found it at the edge of the window with the kite at the tip of my fingers just floating in the air.

Isobel, Australia

I’m on to you now! You don’t work for Santa secretly, you are one of God’s Secret Angels! Seriously!  Wow I’ve cried and picked my jaw up off the floor, and given thanks to the Big Kahuna in the sky! Thank you ever so much for your kindness and I’m going to call it like it is, love!

You guys Rock!

I’m gobsmacked. Thank you so much. If you are ever “Down Under” come look me up, just look for the Rev flying overhead and you will find me!

Yes I have already signed up to your Club. Wowee I’m so excited! I’m going to start studying everything on the Net.

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