Revolution Reflex RX Super Spider

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The Super Spider gives you a higher wind range of 25+ while keeping a nice low range of 8 mph winds. You keep all the great control and smooth flight in winds over 30 too.

The Super Spider is moving fast, and feels every small command from the 13″ Carbon Light Handles and you. For those that must fly in big winds, you will love the Super Spider with a 4 wrap frame.

If you have the RX and need a Rev for higher winds, the Super Spider is perfect for you !!  Comes in the Kite Only option.


Simply start here : Rev Colorizer and build your dream!


Check Out How Much Fun A Revolution Stunt Kite Can Be!

Rev Reflex RX Spider Web – Choice of the Pros

A totally new breakthrough in kite technology design from Revolution!!

The REVOLUTION REFLEX Series with ‘Auto-pilot’.

REFLEX is Dynamic Wing Shaping Exclusive only on a Revolution.

Our new Reflex design is the most significant development in decades.  This is a ‘must have’ product for flyers. The patented Reflex design is a breakthrough that increases stability, wind range, and overall control especially under difficult conditions.  Including light wind;  turbulent wind; and the ‘edge of the window’.

In fact, in ‘loss of control’ situations, your Rev Reflex will shift to “Auto pilot” recovery mode where it will fly itself back to the center of the wind window.

Reflex Technology allows the wing to dynamically change shape in flight.  Our new Reflex RX sail pattern is “stress reinforced” throughout, and wear strips.  Our new ‘No fray’ leading edge is included on all models.  The ’RX’ and ‘XX’ come with the new super light, super stiff Reflex 5/16” frame.

New Carbon Light handles with multi-knot settings, are included with the RX and XX models.  Kites will still be packaged with the Rev Training DVD, and instructions.

The Reflex Wants to Hover. One of the most important skills needed to master the Rev.

Super stable & a Great wind range 6 – 26! Makes flying easier and more fun in all conditions.     Sharper Moves with efficient wing loading.

Faster acceleration with new Reflex stiffer shafts.

Super stable reverse flight. Virtually eliminates ‘wing flip’.

Relaxed Flying Experience.  Easier control & less momentum.

Revolution Reflex (patented technology) with:

Impressive Light wind flying (6 – 26), and a huge wind window. In winds over 8 mph, more power, more fun (than 1.5 sail size). Like getting two kites in one Reflex! Super stable – wants to hover (larger sail, bigger wingspan).

Now sized at the same dimensions as the 1.5 Classic and EXP,  93” length x 31” vertical. Icarex polyester sail, with a no-fray LE and custom end plugs. Strategically reinforced pattern design, with an optimized panel layout for maximum performance and efficient flight. New custom framing (5/16” ID) designed specifically for this sail, and a free shaft is included. New Carbon Light handles with multi-knot settings, and our training video is available online, helping to show clearly show you how to setup and fly the kite like a pro! Six color choices – all have the signature white and black panels. Custom Reflex sleeve/bag. Kite-only weight is less than 9 oz.

Revolution Reflex RX Super Spider Stunt Kite Specifications:

Skill Level: Beginner to Master
Wind Range: 25+ MPH
Wing Span: 93 Inches
Height: 31 Inches
Weight: 8.10 oz.
Frame: Rev Carbon fiber 5/16″ Reflex

Additional information

Weight 4.0000 lbs
Dimensions 0.0000 × 0.0000 × 0.0000 in
RX Spider Colors

Bright Blue, Black, Grey, Dark Blue, Black, Grey, White, Lime, Black, Grey, Purple, Black, Grey, White, Red, Black, Grey


Kite Only (1 spare rod, sleeve), Kite with lines/handles/1 extra rod/sleeve

1 review for Revolution Reflex RX Super Spider

  1. Saur Dash

    I’m going to be blunt with this one; this kite has quirks, it has clauses. With such extreme venting, comes reduced braking. When you first fly this kite, you WILL overshoot turns, and you might slam the leading edge into the ground on a dive-stop. But then, you’re not a novice-level pilot, you’re going to work through this. You might have yourself a set of 15″ handles; the increased throw massively reduces the under-steer described previously. You work at it, and eventually you discover that this kite does EXACTLY what you ask it to do, it’s just that you need to ask it forcefully sometimes.

    The RX Super Spider gives you light wind performance in winds where other Revs are bending out of shape and pleading for mercy. You can catch and throw this kite in around 15 mph wind consistently, it also axles in these conditions. It is incredibly light on the hands, and feels every little detail of your inputs. If you’re a crazy trickster, this is the kite for you!

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