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Part of what makes Rev flying so cool is that Rev fliers can stand shoulder to shoulder while flying. If all Rev fliers know a basic set of figures and use the same terminology, any time two or more fliers meet, they can be a team. So, acquire a set of 120′ lines, print this manual, and stick it in your kite bag. When you meet another Rev flier at a park, beach, or festival, you are ready to make new friends and have the time of your life.

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Just 4 Fun Team Standards (English, German and Spanish)

Born out of the experiences of many years in (mega) team flying and the question from lots of new revolution pilots, Dutch enthusiasts Marc van der Graaf, Roelof van der Tak and Wil Ammerlaan wrote this manual outlining the team flying standards they use with their team(s). A standard not only in calling and terminology, but also an essential introduction to some basic team flying techniques and moves, easy to understand so the effect is a smoother cooperation between pilots from all over the world.

Main objective was also to make it more fun to fly together and take away the language barriers – please take your time to read it and hopefully this offered a positive contribution to our Family of Revpilots all over the world.

JST 4 FN team standard  English 1.000.pdf
(version 1.000 – ENGLISH – PDF 903KB)

JST 4 FN team standard  v1.000 DE.pdf
(version 1.000 – GERMAN – PDF 847KB)

JST 4 FN team standard  v1.000 ES.pdf
(version 1.000 – SPANISH – PDF 909KB)


Revolution Mega Team Figures (English)

One of the fun aspects of flying a Revolution Kite is that pilots can do side by side. If all pilots flying Revolution share a set of basic maneuvers and use the same terminology, two or more pilots can fly in a team formation. A set of 120′ lines is recognized as the international team standard, so please print your lines, kite and this manual so when you encounter another Revolution flier in the park, beach or festival, you are ready to make new friends and have a blast.

Revolution Mega-Fly Figures v1d.pdf
(version 1.4 – ENGLISH – PDF 139kb)


Revo Figuras del Equipo Mega (Espanol)

La razón que hace divertido volar una cometa marca “Revolution” es que los pilotos pueden hacerlo hombro con hombro. Si todos los pilotos que vuelan “Revolution” conocen un conjunto de maniobras básicas y utilizan la misma terminología, dos o más pilotos pueden reunirse a volar en equipo. Entonces, adquiera un juego de líneas de 120 pies, imprima este manual y colóquelo en su bolso de cometas. Cuando se encuentre con otro piloto Revolution en el parque, playa o festival, estará listo para hacer nuevos amigos y pasarla de maravilla.

Para guardar el Manual de vuelo en Equipo en su computadora y leerlo, oprima el botón derecho del ratón seleccionando “Guardar” o “Guardar como”.

Revolution Mega-Fly Figures (Spanish) v1e.pdf
(version 1.5 – ESPANOL – PDF 171kb)


There is no substitute for getting shoulder to shoulder with other experienced fliers, the maneuvers and terminology in manuals are changing all the time and do sometimes vary by region… Find a festival or clinic, you might be surprised just how helpful and friendly Rev fliers can be.

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