A quick note! The Club 38 videos are getting redone at the moment and they will have even MORE tips and tricks! Stay tuned, we will let you all know when they are ready, it won’t be long!

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Soar through the rank of 8 levels based on mastering 38 challenging moves. After each level, submit the video of your moves and receive your level pin, the next card, and all the amazing Club 38 benefits below. By the end, you’ll be able to go fly at levels only pros have achieved.

Why Revolution Club 38?
After 25+ years of watching our Revolution community, we’ve noticed that not everyone who joins the Revolution family may be getting all the fun and adventure they should out of their Revolution.

That is what has inspired us to create Rev Club 38.
In Club 38 you are going to master 38 moves split into 8 levels. We will take you from setup all the way to the most advanced capabilities of the Revolution. The levels progress building on the previous moves. At the end of the level you will be taught a pattern, which encompasses all of the moves for that level, and there will also be a fun challenge to play with.

After mastering the pattern you will take a video of yourself performing it, send it to Revolution or meet at a Club 38 hub, where you will be checked off. We will then send you your level pin and your next card. We will do this for all 8 levels. Each card contains a QR code for easy viewing of the lessons, pattern and challenge. At the end of the 8 levels you will be a world class Revolution flyer!

When you join Rev Club 38 you will receive access to exclusive Club 38 gear, and discounts throughout the year.

Here at Revolution we are sure this is going to ignite flying, friendships and excitement!

We can’t wait to get started with you. Fill out the form above to join now!




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