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Take a look around – no doubt you’ll agree, the level of available information, instruction and user-to-user support for Rev kites is top notch… There really is no substitute for meeting with other fliers, but we also understand the frustrations of trying to learn a difficult maneuver on your own and encourage you to make good use of the resources listed below.[divider top=”0″]

Discussion Forum

The first place we always suggestion folks visit is our online forum – no registration is required to browse the topics which range from upcoming events, basic assembly and “what kite should I buy”, all the way on up to advanced tuning and techniques… If you’d like to reply to something or post a new topic, registration to the forum is free and easy.

Visit the Rev Forum[divider top=”0″]

Basic Techniques

We’ve assembled a number of flight patterns (compulsories) and skill exercises, all designed to help you develop an understanding of the essential quad flight dynamics… By practicing the various inputs and maneuvers, you’ll be on the road to mastering your Revolution kite.

Basic Techniques[divider top=”0″]

Video Tutorials

Other than getting hands-on lessons from an experienced flier, the next best thing is video… With more information available than ever before, many of the modern kite video tutorials are very effective with picture-in-picture display showing both hands/body action as well as kite behavior in order to effectively teach a wide variety of skills.

Watch the Tutorials[divider top=”0″]

Team Flying Manual

This manual was published in 2008 – team flying is evolving and changing all the time with maneuvers and methodology being quite different from team to team, which is one of the things that makes it so special… What makes it attainable for anyone though, are the concepts, maneuvers and commands that have become more or less “bread and butter” with just about any Rev team worldwide – this manual can help you learn some of those team fundamentals (PDF downloads available in English or Spanish).

Read the Manual[divider top=”0″]

Team Animations

Created by Mike Kory in 2007, these superb and easy to use animations take you step-by-step through some of the most commonly flown Rev team maneuvers… Very useful for an introduction to the kinds of things folks may be doing in team flies, even a fundamental knowledge of the basics is enough to get you though nearly any team maneuver.

Watch the Animations

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