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A Recreational Flying Experience in 2-12 mph winds. Crazy Gliding !!

A Highly Controllable, Exciting, and Challenging kite in 12-25 mph winds.
When we added the Reflex technology, and designed a lightwind leading edge shaft set, we knew we had something special. The great edge control, and glide capability gives you an advantage on low wind days.

The control, power, and speed created by our 9.5 Ft leading edge, Carbon fiber frame supported with four vertical shafts will absolutely amaze you! The Graphite wrapped stainless steel Handles, and the Spectra LP Gold 150 Lb x 80 Ft Line set completes the package. We have included for FREE a Light-wind 3 pc Leading Edge graphite shaft assembly.

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“From no wind to strong winds, (the Blast Reflex) has perfect control.  Such a kite is unique. A kite that changes its operation method depending on the type of wind.  This is Amazing”.     

Toru Hakuhata,  Japan.   

If you want to live a whole new kite flying experience, you have got to get a hold of our new Rev Blast with Reflex.  Power, Speed, Control, Glide, and Turn the power on and off instantly.  IT’S CRAZY !

The New Blast with Reflex created amazing control, and new flight characteristics in different wind conditions.  The Blast glides very well with a light breeze.  It switches between gliding and controlled flight smoothly.  There is no other kite that does this with no adjustment.  Your Rev Blast is built with the standard Blast 7/16” graphite shafts.  Fly as it is built to get a feel for just what your Blast is capable of.

When we added the Reflex technology, and designed a light wind Leading Edge shaft set, we knew this was special.  The great ‘edge’ control, and the glide capabilities give you a lightwind advantage.  The Blast Lightwind ¼” 3 piece Graphite Leading Edge shaft set is packaged with your new Blast with Reflex.  Switching out from the standard 7/16” big shafts to the UL ¼” shafts is easy.  Just slide 1 set out, and slide the other set in.  The 4 vertical shafts do not change.

The Performance of the Blast with Reflex is Sensational !!

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