Randy Tom, 1950 – 2023

We are very saddened by the loss of Randy Tom.

He was a great friend, as well as an amazing kite artist, and designer.

He created the first 6 Revolution Masterpieces on the Rev 1 model with the nagelesque Face. Circa 1992. He later went on to create 2 similar masterpieces to make this One-of-a-Kind Rev Randy Tom progressive stack. (Original Rev 1, Rev 1.5, and a Rev 2. Owner Rich Bohn, FL.)

Randy made over 80 Rev Masterpiece sails, plus a few more Commissioned specialty Revs. Randy was always ready for a challenge, and a chance to make amazing art on a kite.

Randy was recently instrumental in recreating masterpieces for Team Decorators in the UK.

\He was involved in many kite projects at Revolution. We will be forever grateful for his expertise, knowledge, and willingness to help, and teach.


Randy, we miss you already !

Lolly, Joe, and David Hadzicki

(Webmaster’s Note: I am pretty sure that Ron Despojado, who passed a few years back and LONG flew with a set of Randy’s kites will be asking for a new set as soon as Randy arrived…)

Below, take a look at a gallery of Randy’s work, both for Revolution and his own kites.

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